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betsy fitzgerald

My own journey

When I went through my divorce in 2012, I had no guidance at all. I felt all alone, scared, vulnerable, confused and far from my best self. It would have saved me a lot of money, time and heartache if I had a divorce coach with me through my divorce journey.


What can happen to any of us…

number 1

Like many women facing divorce, I was overwhelmed and panicked. I went into flight and freeze mode. I did not even know I was completely “triggered” and not able to make good healthy decisions. A divorce coach would have taught me about the fight/flight/freeze/fawn/hide trigger reactions and importantly, how to separate the business of divorce from the emotional chaos of divorce.

As a result, I would have learned how to calm myself, slow down, not be as reactive, and put my “smart productive thinking” self back in the driver’s seat where I desperately needed it.

number 2

Like many divorcing women, when my husband left, I was scared and thought, “How am I going to make it financially?” I was frozen in financial fear.  He was the breadwinner and controlled the economics of our family. A divorce coach would have supported me in learning about his, mine and our finances and helped me get organized around finances, money, and documents and perhaps even hire a financial advisor.

As a result, I would have felt financially empowered and would have been a savvy credible client for the attorney I did eventually hire.

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Like many women going through divorce, I felt lost and asked, “Who am I now that I am not a wife or a couple anymore?” I seriously wondered what my future was going to look like. A divorce coach would have guided me to envision and create a new life on my terms. I would have championed and encouraged myself to believe in me.

As a result, I would have navigated the transitions and recovery of my divorce with courage, authenticity, resiliency, and empowerment and to show up with dignity as my best self.

This is why I became a coach. This is who I will be for you.

About Betsy

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I became a Certified Divorce Transitions and Recovery Coach with the threefold desire to help women going through divorce, 1) save money, time and heartache, 2) not lose themselves in the emotional chaos, and 3) actually become their best selves as a result of their divorce journey.

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As your divorce coach, I will bring my rich 8 + years as a family law paralegal, my Master’s in Jungian Depth Psychology and my passion for polyvagal work to uniquely address both the business of divorce and the emotional upheavals in order to support you in saving money, time and heartache and in being your best self.